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We belong together.



TheStarKIDZ are encouraged to use the gifts that God has given them to edify God and be kind neighbors in the community. Our children serve and receive training in various areas within the ministry including the Jr. Deacon Board, the Fine Arts, Young Aspiring Musicians, Dance, and the Mime Ministry.



TheStarBAND aims to create a strong, unifying worship culture where people are fully able to connect with God.

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TheStarMEDIA team gathers for relevant discussions, fun and laughter, social media development, career and professional preparation, and practical community impact. 



TheStarINTERCESSORS serve to reach out to TheStarCHURCH partners, their families, and to the community to stand in the gap and consistently offer intercession for God’s people.


Our mission is to “Pray, Fast and Speak” the word of life to those we come in contact with.


TheStarINTERCESSORS also sponsor TheStarCHURCHMD's “Noon Day Intercessory Prayer services,” and the tele-conference "Prayer line."



StarFitness is a total body health and wellness team designed to assist the body of Christ with learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The facts are, the Word of God fully supports the importance of physical and mental wellness in relation to spiritual wholeness. Join us as we prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper!

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TheStarWOMEN teaches women how to use the Word of God to transform their lives and speak life into the lives of those around them. Our team is committed to advancing God’s kingdom through events that equip women to grow, serve, and reach out to the community and members in love and faith. 


Through empowerment sessions, retreats, fellowship opportunities, and the study of God's word, our women connect, interact, and impact the world we live in.



TheStarCITY praise and worship team consists of a group of young worshipers who are encouraged to use the gifts that God has given them to edify God with time, heart and attention.


StarCITY promotes a positive path for the youth through spiritual living and a chance to actually connect with people in a judgement free zone.


Millennials share a special place as we encourage the young people to prioritize chances to serve, connect and grow together in the knowledge of Christ and love the people of God unconditionally.



TheStarAV team works behind the scenes to make it possible to share the message of God with large groups of people through amplified sound, recordings, and PowerPoint presentations.  



TheStarWATCHCARE ministry allows believers to identify with the church, participate in worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism, and community service.

You can connect with our ministry before receiving full membership, if you do not have a church home.  Watch care membership is designed to provide a temporary spiritual covering for you and your immediate family while you decide on your new home!

Watch care membership is also suitable for college students, military personnel, and people working a job requiring temporary placement. An out-of-state college student, for example, may want to stay involved in a local congregation while away from home. Join us, you are welcome here!



TheStarDANCE team is led by the sovereign spirit of our Lord and Savior and aims to minister the gospel through various forms of visual interpretation including sign language, step, and mime. 



TheStarMEN strive to educate and dedicate their lives to the Living Word of God.  Our team reaches out to men to help them discover their purpose and power in God. Held every 2nd Saturday and on each 2nd Sunday of the month, the men orchestrate a spiritual "Takeover". We believe being a brother with a firm foundation translates into being strong leaders, teachers, fathers, and Disciples of Christ. 



TheStarChoir aims to provide an outlet for singers to minister and bring others to Christ while setting the atmosphere for praise and worship that ushers in the presence of God.



TheStarCONNECT team aims to fill the void of belonging by connecting people to a StarTEAM that meets their personal and spiritual needs. We serve as the hands and feet of Jesus by providing practical, compassionate care and support to our guest and church family before, after, and during the service.

StarCONNECT  aims to reflect God's love inside and outside of theStarCHURCHMD.



StarBIRTHDAYS operate to celebrate the life and the legacy of each of TheStarCHURCHMD partners. Throughout the year, our team shows love to theStarCHURCHMD family with dinners and fundraisers to ensure a wonderful birthday celebration for all of our church partners.

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+1 (301) 773-9655

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