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Born, raised, and educated in Washington, D.C., this anointed psalmist, composer, musician, and author has now accepted a more challenging team assignment of leading God’s people.  Consecrated and installed as Pastor of the Rising Star Holy Temple on February 26, 2017,  Pastor James Hillian, Jr. admits that this is a role that truly encompasses a great commitment to God and to the people of God and he is honored to be chosen of God.


Pastor James Hillian, Jr. flows in the anointing in areas of guidance, instruction, rebuke, and revelation.  Under the anointing of God, he is teaching biblical principles that encourages theStarCHURCHMD family to learn the will of God and remain obedient to the mandate that God has placed on our lives.




theStarCHURCHMD as it is now called, was originally founded and built by Bishop James M. Hillian, Sr. and opened for service on  December 31, 1988. The Rising Star Holy Temple was officially opened as a sanctuary for worship to all people. The vision of the house was to reach out in love, to the highways and hedges and compel men to come into the knowledge of Christ. Bishop has helped many people to receive salvation during his 28 years as Pastor. He operated in the gift of edification, exhortation and comfort. Bishop served as our builder.  He was our planter and we are grateful for his legacy and love. 


Bishop Hillian was full of wisdom and has taught theStarCHURCHMD family that God has promised to give you your hearts desire, if you walk upright and keep Him first in your life.  God blessed everything that Bishop touched and even now, Bishop's legacy reminds us that the best is yet to come!



Mother of Prayer

At theStar, Mother Mary Ann Hillian serves as the Mother of Prayer and wife to the late Bishop James M. Hillian, Sr. She is a woman dedicated to prayer and fasting before God. James 5:16 encourages the righteous body of Christ to be effectual and fervent in prayer, because it avails much. Mother Hillian is a woman who wars in the spirit to pray and intercede for the people of God daily.


Mother Hillian is also teaching the women of theStar that prayer is our response to the,  "One" who has called out to us and desires to be in a relationship with us. She leads by example in showing how to move from selfishness to humility, and from unbelief to rich fellowship with God. She is a praying mother who realizes that raising Godly children in the Lord takes a team of other godly men and women. She stands prepared and she is equipped for the task at hand. She also eagerly serves theStarCHURCHMD in the ministry of "Healing Handz."

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